How Bad Cast Three guys from Minneapolis discuss whatever happens to come into their heads.

December 28, 2014  

The HowBadCrew are joined for the last show of 2014 by Andrew Cahak to discuss sherpas, siloes, soak rolls, and shaft drag.

December 24, 2014  
December 14, 2014  

The HowBadCrew convene to discuss new cool slang, soft pants, tipping too well, gull wing doors, willy nilly, and eye noise.

December 14, 2014  

I am reposting this episode from June 2nd, 2013 as I prepare to go to the memorial/wake for the guest on this episode, Gus Lynch, who died earlier this month:
I thought I'd put this up to get it back on the feed in case people need more of The Mountain That Jokes after exhausting his other work:


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