How Bad Cast Three guys from Minneapolis discuss whatever happens to come into their heads.

April 30, 2010  

Nancy is for Steven shirt wearing, Comedians, Mike Fail, No suicides, Dan wins, Steven + Usher + Brad Pitt = Justin Bieber

April 24, 2010  

Fun in the DMZ, Kim Jong Il's robot army, Naomi Campbell, Steven tries to become king of Canada, Dan has a side project, and Mike has difficulty communicating or even just breathing.

April 17, 2010  

Board Games, Picking Fights, Frosted Tips, and the media are comprised of flesheaters.  All this with special guest in the Spider Room, Swiss!

April 9, 2010  

Mike, Dan, and Steven Montenegro are joined by special guest, Greg.  They discuss the history of Walt Whitman, Halls, apeman experiments, IMDB's got nothing on SGRRRS, and Mike gets a taste for winning.

April 2, 2010  

The soon to be Emmy award winning special episode of HCTSBB?  The boyz sing traditional Jellybean Christmas songs, Steven falls off the wagon and discusses his deeply held beliefs, Dan grinches it up, and Mike is in competition with Jesus and David Blaine.  Plus, our first ever guest by phone.  It goes great! IMG_0706.jpg


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