How Bad Cast Three guys from Minneapolis discuss whatever happens to come into their heads.

December 6, 2020  

The HowBadCrew assembles to discuss Marlon Perkins, the CMB, Mike's control over chocolate, the 3 bears, King Midas, and Arnim Zola.

November 22, 2020  

The HowBadCrew assembles to discuss big veg, Jason Lee or not, foot cutting offing, sumac, our new app, Super Dave Osborne, and coprophagia.

Gerald Stratford:

Joerg Sprave:


November 8, 2020  

The HowBadCrew assembles to discuss NaNoWriMo, foam parties, the nightclub capital of Eurasia, Halloween activities, Animaniacs, and followup on the fattest bear competition.

October 25, 2020  

The HowBadCrew assembles to discuss Wuthering Heights, laminar flow, Bat Beaver, X-Men, obviously, and new Addams Family.

Laminar Flow video:

Laminar Flow is bullshit! Here's what's cool video:

NEW ROOTS GROW: A Benefit Compilation For The CRANDIC Corridor Derecho Storm Recovery:


October 11, 2020  

The HowBadCrew assemble to discuss animal voting, xkcd alt text, Game of Thrones musician cameos, battle-axe mounting techniques, and what are the best Blizzards?

September 13, 2020  

The HowBadCrew returns to discuss Shark Year, the Lion Whisperer, vampire deer, Danny Trejo's restaurants, Falling Down, and wombat poop.

August 23, 2020  

The HowBadCrew is back to discuss new Battletoads, the Leather Uppers, Dan's life change, who's the party dude? and USB 3.

August 9, 2020  

The HowBadCrew assembles to discuss why they were gone for a month, yarn, white people nonsense, pithing, Craig Ferguson on Youtube, Dollywood, and Master Chef.

July 5, 2020  

The HowBadCrew assembles to discuss Ira Glass, Steven's ear tubes, a surprising amount of bible talk, fireworks, and Mike and Steven start several side podcasts and drive Dan crazy with jealousy!

June 21, 2020  

The HowBadCrew emerges to discuss pizza sandwiches, strategolution, Crazy Train, Crocs, and Mike's dogs make a cameo.

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