How Bad Cast Three guys from Minneapolis discuss whatever happens to come into their heads.

May 19, 2013  

It's the How Could This Show Be Bad? Mother's Day special! Too late for Mother's Day, you say? You're not our mother! Shut up! Stay out of it!

See Sid at HUGE Theater in "Class of 94" every Wednesday at 8:00 and in "Poivre" on Saturdays at 10:30.

Also check out his improvised standup show "Think Fast!" Featuring local standups and improvisers at the Comedy Corner Underground every third Thursday of the month.

May 5, 2013  

Maria Bartholdi joins the HowBadCrew search engines, a church quilt, the worst Vulcan, and of course, high anus.

Check out Maria's podcast at

And you can see both Maria and Dan at Huge Theater soon in Improv-A-Go-Go and later in other stuff.


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