How Bad Cast Three guys from Minneapolis discuss whatever happens to come into their heads.

July 5, 2020  

The HowBadCrew assembles to discuss Ira Glass, Steven's ear tubes, a surprising amount of bible talk, fireworks, and Mike and Steven start several side podcasts and drive Dan crazy with jealousy!

June 21, 2020  

The HowBadCrew emerges to discuss pizza sandwiches, strategolution, Crazy Train, Crocs, and Mike's dogs make a cameo.

May 25, 2020  

The HowBadCrew remotes in to discuss ice cream, Koreatown, Dan's trash door, bleach, Jimmy Durante, penny bitters, and Krix Beeble.

May 10, 2020  

HowBadCrew assembles to discuss the Eve 6 song, potatoes as a cultural construct, Turtlina, How to Eat Fried Worms, and of course, Skankin' Pickle.

April 26, 2020  

The HowBadCrew assembles to create art.

April 12, 2020  

The HowBadCrew assembles to discuss Dan and Steven's Star Wars names, Mike's obsession with 8-bit covers, Marc Silvestri's Wolverine, the origins of Schnoz, and yet again, the 4th Crow movie.

March 29, 2020  

The HowBadCrew discuss Mitchell, Tony Remote, wet dogs, flint knapping, Mike's toilet paper negotiation, Keebler elves, and 12 dollars.

March 15, 2020  

The HowBadCrew does NOT assemble but does discuss dog toys, old man muscle complaints, pot pies, anuses, Burgess Meredith, and mostly Crankshaft.

March 1, 2020  

The HowBadCrew is back to discuss orange, K-Mart, infectious brain mist, Orderers, testicles, and a step-by-step guide on how to save a drowning person with coronavirus.

February 16, 2020  

The HowBadCrew returns to discuss little known characteristics of the coronavirus, engagement ring trackers, and perpetual blood machines.  Seems creepy now that I've written it out.

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