How Bad Cast Three guys from Minneapolis discuss whatever happens to come into their heads.

April 21, 2019  

The HowBadCrew is back to discuss John Woo, New No Limit Records, the snake from Wayne's World, dimes vs quarters, and Mike tells the tale of Kelly the Barber.

April 7, 2019  

The HowBadCrew assembles to discuss Stryker, Christopher Lee, The Ooze, Alex Trebek, Baraka, Steven's lunch experience, a burning house, and Old Sword Timey Europe.

March 24, 2019  

The HowBadCrew assembles right on time as always! They discuss bell peppers, the time the pope shows up in Game of Thrones, Iron Chef America, coconuts, goats, and new evidence comes to light regarding Steven's story about his time in Iowa.

March 3, 2019  

The HowBadCrew assembles for another round to discuss how to cook eggs, knickerbockers, Gritty, Akira, Ireland and Hachimoji DNA.

February 17, 2019  

The HowBadCrew assembles to record an episode ahead of time instead of just skipping a fortnight. It's a technological breakthrough! They discuss Mike's oddities, Steven's eye health, how Danes sound, Steven declares his rivalry with a Twitch speedrunner, and stay tuned for the secret reveal of Dan's new character!

February 3, 2019  

The HowBadCrew is joined by Andrew Cahak to discuss hats, Wario, Keanu Reeves' ass movies, Stan as a verb, Brad Pitt's ancestry, all the modern day, real world analogues for Game of Thrones characters, and!

January 20, 2019  

The HowBadCrew gather in the recently flooded Montenegro Studio to discuss moon names, interpol, Sumer, Beach Boys, Gilligan's Island, sports, Star Trek, Donal Logue's character in Blade, and la guerra del fútbol.

January 6, 2019  

The HowBadCrew bursts into the new year to discuss wizarding, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, bread, Dollywood, the Fermi paradox, and blood throat.

December 16, 2018  

The HowBadCrew assembles to discuss Human Giant, mercenaries, time, Aaron Eckhart's career, Netflix Xmas movies, and Bubbahotep.

December 2, 2018  

The HowBadCrew assembles again to discuss the Storage Wars Yup guy, astronaut diapers, millet counters, getting "Two"ed, and Organ Cats!

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